Psalm 56:3

Day 4
Words To Live By



Delete, Delete, Delete

 After falling off for a few months I’m back on the photo a day challenge bandwagon.
All of them can be found on Instagram [@meyouandzu] but I’ve also decided to post a few on here as well.

Day 2
Begins with G
Geeky girl who wears Doctor Who socks 🙂

Geeky socks

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January Photo A Day Challenge List 2014

Photo A Day: June 8-15

This will catch us up to the current photo a day for June!
I left out June 12: 11 o’clock because I have not had a chance to take a picture at the exact time…it’ll be sometime this week!

June 8: An animal


June 9: From down low

Looking up at the road above us.
Looking up at the road above us.

June 10: You! & June 11: Something funny
I cheated a little and made this picture both days because this is me and I’m laughing at something funny. Two birds…


June 13: Kitchen


June 14: Texture


June 15: From above